Saturday, April 25, 2015

Crocheting down on the Bayou


Yes, I've come back from a
long, long busy time of my life.

A lot has happened in the past, almost 2 years. 
I've moved! 

I now live & take care of my mom. 
This all happened back in September of 2013.
She can no longer live alone.
She has dementia.
Such a terrible disease!

My sister was with her for a little while, but
her husband was diagnosed with cancer
and had to attend to him.
He passed away this last November. 
Rest in peace Stephen.

Since I've been here,
my husband and I have divorced.
So many things just wasn't working out.
A long distance marriage
was just too hard for him, I guess.

It hasn't been easy for me 
since the separation/divorce.
It's not easy to start over
and now being my mom's caretaker, 
but I have a roof over my head
and I am with my mom.
My sister hasn't seen mom in such a long time.
I don't understand why she hasn't come to stay with mom
and give me a break.

It's so lonely
most of the time, always thinking
of family and wishing they would come for a visit
or call just to say 'hey'.
I guess their lives are too busy.

I keep myself busy
with my crafts & playing in the dirt planting.

Life is at a very slow pace,
but maybe that's just what it suppose to be.
It just that days tend to run into each other
and nights are lacking good sleep.

Hopefully I'll be back in full swing again....

I hope all of you are doing alright.